I am skeptical of most products that are sent to me. Mostly because I always have this fear that I am going to hate them but feel guilty that they were given to me for free so then I would write a somewhat okay review on them.

I was proven wrong. Dead wrong.

Radha Beauty was kind enough to send me not one, not two but three skincare products that my winter weathered skin was desperately needing. I cannot stress enough how amazing this stuff feels on my skin! If you are someone who likes natural and cruelty free ingredients that are kind to your skin (even the most sensitive skin) then this stuff is for you!


I have an extremely tough time finding eye gel that doesn’t burn my eyes. Am I the only one that has this problem? I was excited to try Radha’s Intensive Youth Eye Gel that has ingredients like plant stem cells and vitamin e. What first drew me in was how fresh it smelled! There were was no chemical odor whatsoever and it absorbed right into my skin and I noticed how much the puffiness around my eyes went down. This was definitely my favorite thing Radha sent to me!


I am relatively new to serums and like most people, I was nervous that they would cause me to breakout. After working long hours, freezing weather, and flying back and forth my skin was a mess. I am not lying when I say I looked at myself in the mirror and gasped at how dull my skin was looking. This serum is full of all the ingredients needed to brighten and tighten your face. The Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid is the prefect remedy for tired skin like mine.


A perfect evening moisturizer is Radha’s Retinol Moisturizer. The biggest thing that attracted me to this stuff was that it promotes cell turnover. Why something as random as cell turnover something that is appealing? Because it improves the texture of skin and helps skin looking younger! This moisturizer also includes ingredients like aloe vera, sunflower oil and jojoba oil which all heal and moisturizer the skin. While I usually only use this moisturizer at night, I found that with the dry winter temperatures it is perfect for the daytime as well.

You can buy these fabulous products as well as Radha Beauty’s other skincare and essential oils on Amazon.com 

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Maddy Murcott is a social media maven, reality tv obsessed, makeup junkie and has been a fan of watching the news since the age of 8. She is currently living the life of a northeast transplant in Colorado.


  1. that eye gel sounds amazing! I always have trouble with finding one that doesn’t burn my eyes as well so that’s a big plus for me. I get products for review sent to me all the time and I don’t always give good reviews, but I’m lucky in that I tend to work with a lot of green beauty brands so a lot of them end up being really amazing anyway. I’ve been lucky in that area, but I try to do disappointing or crap product reviews every now and again just to keep up my street cred (I’m kidding – I do them if the products actually suck lol). thanks for this review!

    http://storybookapothecary.com ♥ stop by and say hello ♥

  2. Hey I nominated you for the Liebster Award, you can check out the details on my blog x


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