A Highlighter for All Ladies (and Gents)


 Everyone has their makeup application strengths and weaknesses. My strengths are eyeshadows and foundation and my weaknesses are eyeliner and highlighter. Highlighter should be easy right? WRONG. I thought that I would just pick the first semi sparkly thing off the shelf and call it a day. I soon learned that it was not that simple. I tried in vain for years to work with different highlighters and got nowhere. I grew frustrated and gave up altogether and have not touched highlighter in over a year.

Until I finally found one that didn’t look like I had smeared Tinkerbell under my eyes.


     MAC is a company that I have not really ventured into until lately (mostly out of pure laziness since I would just get everything in one shot at Sephora) but I have been having trouble finding a great highlighter. I’ve gone from nars to benefit to Lord knows what else and without any positive results. I am also pale and do not tan (high risk for skin cancer right here!) so it can be hard for a highlighter to show up on my skin.

MAC’s Mineralize Skinfinish in Lightscapade is PERFECT for my skin, your skin,your mom’s skin, your friends skin etc etc . What I love about this highlighter is that it is mineral based and applies easily to my skin. I often get quite oily by my t-zone and this highlighter does not enhance the oil slick I develop throughout the day. I also love that this has a light shimmer but does not look like glitter or something that you could only wear at nighttime.


My biggest complaint about this highlighter is not the highlighter itself it is the packaging. This stuff is ridiculously hard to open! Am I the only one who has issues with MAC packaging? It is literally a challenge to open his stuff and I honestly don’t want to sacrifice my nails for highlighter.

Despite the need for some packaging engineers to get on over to MAC (yes those do exist), I do love this stuff and am so happy I have finally found the highlighter for me!


About Media Junkie Jungle

Maddy Murcott is a social media maven, reality tv obsessed, makeup junkie and has been a fan of watching the news since the age of 8. She is currently living the life of a northeast transplant in Colorado.


  1. Sarah's Colors Make-up Artist

    Looks great!! X

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