What I Wore In Mexico!

I just returned from vacation in Riviera Maya, Mexico. I have been to a lot of places in my life, and I can truly say this was one of my favorite places. The United States sometimes like to give Mexico a bad rap but absolutely none of the bad publicity applied to the area I was in. I was able to snorkel in coral reefs, climb mayan ruins, try delicious foods and meet amazing people!

Packing for this trip was a bit difficult since I was unaware of what to bring since it is very hot and humid but it is also their hurricane season. I did very little shopping for this trip and mostly just grabbed from my closet what I already had since I’m trying to scale back on spending money. These are just a few of the outfits since most of my time was spent on a beach!

With that being said…here is what I wore!



2014-06-23 07.58.01

2014-06-22 19.15.50


Tank – Madewell

Pants- Free People

Sandals- Top Shop

Bracelets- Bauble Bar and JCrew

2014-06-24 14.38.38


*a very awkward pose

Baseball Hat- Golf Club

Button Down– JCrew Men’s

Shorts– Lilly Pulitzer

Sandals– Jack Rogers



Tunic- Barbara Gerwit

Bathing Suit– Victoria’s Secret

Sunglasses– Target

Sandals– Jack Rogers

Beach Bag– Adam Block Design



2014-06-23 19.21.44




Dress– Free People







Dress – Free People

Wrap Bracelet- Tory Burch

Sandals: Top Shop

2014-06-26 22.27.16




*Apparently something on the ground ticked me off

Romper- Top Shop

Purse- Mulberry

Sandals– Elizabeth and James

2014-06-28 09.06.58


2014-06-30 09.00.36



Shirt– J.Crew

Shorts– Ann Taylor

Purse- Mulberry

Sandals– Jack Rogers

Bracelets– Bauble Bar

Ring– Rodríguez Naranjo

2014-06-28 18.57.35




Maxi– Dolce Vita


I will be writing another post highlighting all the fantastic places I visited including Coba, Tulum and Playa Del Carmen!



About Media Junkie Jungle

Maddy Murcott is a social media maven, reality tv obsessed, makeup junkie and has been a fan of watching the news since the age of 8. She is currently living the life of a northeast transplant in Colorado.


  1. Great outfits, seems like an amazing trip! That last maxi is killer 🙂

  2. Nice style. The Barbara Gerwit tunic has made me green with envy! I swore I wouldn’t go shopping again before my trip to Nice in a couple of weeks, but now I just have to find a tunic of that shape and size!

  3. Happy Lifeaholic

    Cute outfits! I love your style 🙂

  4. these are such beautiful photos! following you— xoxo


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