Product Review: bareMinerals bareSkin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation


I have been a loyal bareMinerals foundation user for years. I’ve used both their loose and pressed powder with great results but I’ve been craving something different.

I have always been weary of liquid foundation and afraid of having the oh so awful “cake face”. Tinted moisturizer does not give me the coverage I need and often melts off my face by the end of the day. The summer heat and humidity can also be the enemy to makeup.

I was skeptical when I first bought bareMinerals bareSkin but I can say that it completely changed my perception of liquid foundation.

Before you use the serum you have to shake then squeeze two drops onto a foundation brush. I also purchased the recommended brush the “Perfecting Face Brush” which is perfect for any liquid foundation. Then buff onto your face making sure to blend. This is a build-able coverage serum, so I usually add more drops without fear of looking cakey.


The best part of this makeup? It looks natural! I don’t look like I have put anything on my face and it stays on my face for hours! There are shades for skin tone and while I at first thought the bottle was too small, it certainly lasts. I am officially a liquid foundation convert and am not looking to change my foundation for a long time.



About Media Junkie Jungle

Maddy Murcott is a social media maven, reality tv obsessed, makeup junkie and has been a fan of watching the news since the age of 8. She is currently living the life of a northeast transplant in Colorado.


  1. carmenkmchen

    Nice review! I have always been a fan of their powder foundation 🙂 What is your skin type?

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