Clothing Brands You Should Know About: Georgie & Elaine


Telling a story through a clothing line is not an easy task, Georgie & Elaine aims to tell a story with every collection they create!

Based in New York City, Georgie & Elaine mixes romance and elegant Americana to bring beautiful fabrics and pieces to the modern woman. Founder Devin VanderMaas drew inspiration for the line from her grandparents Georgie & Elaine’s own real life love story. This love story turned into a contemporary clothing line for the modern woman.

Growing up in the mid-west, her grandmother Elaine taught VanderMaas how to sew. Grandfather Georgie taught her how to write her first business plan. VanderMaas received her Master’s in Cultural and Creative Industries from King’s College London and her BA in The Psychology of Aesthetics and Fashion Business from New York University. VanderMaas is a member of Fashion Group International and has worked with everyone from Mood Designer Fabrics to Harper’s Bazaar.

Smart Separates TM was created by VanderMaas to become the trademark of Georgie & Elaine. Every piece is meant to be mixed and matched so a that woman can feel comfortable going straight from work to a night out. The modern woman does not always have the time to run back to her closet to change in the middle of the day, Smart Separates solves that problem perfectly!

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The Spring 2014 collection was inspired by two simple ideas; love and femininity. The muse for this collection was the All-American lifestyle with classic pieces like chiffon tops, flirty mini dresses and skirts. The basics were included as well like crisp white blazers and tank tops. A color palette of classic neutral colors are met with punches of nude pink and light mint make up this feminine and contemporary collection.

The Fall 2014 collection has the “woman on the go” in mind, while making sure she does not sacrifice style or luxury. Fabrics include vegan leather, Ahimsa ‘peace’ silk and soy knits that are both stylish and environmentally friendly. This collection uses black as the main color with punches of this fall’s most popular color, plum. The pieces I am most excited for in their fall collection? The vegan leather skirts and novelty crop tops!

Georgie & Elaine not only takes pride in using the best fabrics, they also implement ethical business practices. You will not find any fur, leather or feather material that would involve killing animals. Every fabric is picked with the environment in mind and every piece is shipped on specific shipping routes to create a smaller carbon footprint. Georgie & Elaine believes in using the best quality fabrics to create the best quality pieces all while keeping mother nature in mind. Which is something every fashionista is a fan of!

Want even more Georgie & Elaine? Head on over to their website and be sure to use the reader discount code [INFLUENCER25] at checkout, which will give you 25% off your purchase! If you are interested in reaching out to the Georgie & Elaine Team, please email

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  1. Ohh I love this! I’ll have to check out the brand more 🙂

    Kimberly | Kimberly’s Chronicle

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