New York Fashion Week cuts down on the number of bloggers invited to shows….and I agree with them.


As someone who has had the amazing opportunity to attend Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in NYC already, I can say that I had no business being there.

I was a junior in college who was given a fantastic opportunity to attend several shows including The Heart Truth Red Dress Collection, Sergio Davila, Timo Weiland, CZAR by Caesar Galindo, the list goes on. I was so excited and couldn’t wait for the opportunity to write about these shows for a fashion website.

While wandering aimlessly from show to show I wondered, “How did I get so lucky?” It didn’t hit me that I really didn’t deserve to be there until the Concept Korea show. I sat behind the great designer Patricia Field and had a perfect view of NYFW founder Fern Mallis. What on earth was I doing there?! These women have resumes in the fashion world that I could only dream of and yet here I was within arm’s length of them trying to dissect each and every piece that strutted down the runway.

According to Refinery 29 Fern Mallis has shown her frustration over what fashion week has become. NYFW’s original purpose, was for designers to meet with buyers and show off to the media. It has now become more about people promoting themselves and trying to get into the best shows. Street style photographers and social media have had a major hand in this as well. People scour the internet for what all the cool people in fashion are wearing to the shows that season, but this could all change.

The plan is to cut 20% of the guest lists which will mostly be fashion bloggers. The shows are still available to stream online and photos will be made available online. I wonder though, with less of these bloggers and street style mavens around, will the shows be less of a spectacle? Will Marc Jacobs, Chanel and Dior tone down their performances since there is now a slow return to business?

Maybe it is just because I finished the great Grace Coddington’s memoir where she speaks about her early experiences with fashion weeks around the globe, but really only the best of the best should be in attendance. I do think that bloggers should be last on the invite list. Of course it goes without saying that those such as Man Repeller and Mirosalva Duma have deserved their seat beside the catwalk, but I did not.


At NYFW with Patricia Field photobombing!



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