Joan Rivers Takes It WAY Too Far…Even By Her Standards

Photo credit: Brian To / WENN

Photo credit: Brian To / WENN

Joan Rivers is known for her snarky comments and devil may care attitude but there are certain lines that are not meant to be crossed. The outspoken Rivers recently spoke about her daughter’s guestroom on Today and said “Those women in the basement in Cleveland had more space.”

  The women Rivers is referring to are Amanda Berry, Michelle Knight, and Gina DeJesus who were held captive in an Ohio basement for over a decade. The women spoke out against Rivers’ hurtful comments but Rivers bites back in the most hurtful comment of them all. TMZ reports that Rivers’ spoke “One of them has a book deal.  Neither are in a psych ward.  They’re ok.  I bet you within 3 years one of them will be on Dancing with the Stars.”

Rivers’ has officially reached a new level of cruel.


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  1. I think this is her only way that is left to get anyone’s attention… Very sad.

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