Product Review: Anastasia Brow Powder Duo


My parents gave me many things in my life…eyebrows was not one of them. I am very pale and have blonde hair thus resulting in what looks like an oversized forehead (a fivehead if you will) since my eyebrows are so thin and so light. I have tried multiple products in the past without much luck. Either the product made my eyebrows look way to dark or the color would be nonexistent. Thats when I had nearly given up until I found the Brow Powder Duo from Anastasia. It is important to note that you will need to practice putting this on a couple times! I use it to fill in the thinner parts of my eyebrow but if you want to fix up your entire brow BE CAREFUL! There is a chance that you could accidentally give yourself bushbrows. The duo comes in 10 different palettes that accommodate any skin tone and hair color. This product is a pasty white girl or a deep tan girl’s dream!


About Media Junkie Jungle

Maddy Murcott is a social media maven, reality tv obsessed, makeup junkie and has been a fan of watching the news since the age of 8. She is currently living the life of a northeast transplant in Colorado.

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